Sundance Film Festival - First Performance

Chris Accardo performing acoustic set at Sundance
Just arrived in Park City, UT for the 2011 Sundance Film Festival!  First performance was tonight at the Fatali Gallery on Main Street.  Playing with good friends Shawn Hlookoff, Mandy Perkins and others.  It's cold -- but the atmosphere here is SO warm!

I've got about 5-6 shows scheduled so far.  All are solo / acoustic shows.  All are at altitude.  I feel like 1/2 of LA has travled up here for these two weeks and already the town is PACKED.  Luckily, we're with good friend (and PR agent) Kim Koury -- who knows every cool place to be and every hot spot to hit.  Aside from performing these shows -- I'm definitely setting some serious time aside to do a little skiing!