Hotel Cafe Show!

Chris Accardo Live

Well I can honestly say that one of my goals when I first moved out to sunny LA was to perform at Hotel Cafe.  And tonight -- I did it!  Place was packed.  300+ people showed up to support thanks to the hard work by Spin PR and friends.  Amazing amazing evening.  Played with Read Pryor and John Schroeder.  Great guys and super talented artists.

If you don't know Hotel Cafe -- it's legendary (and super cool).  Amazing venue that has launched the careers of some great bands.  And being in the heart of Hollywood means you're definitely going to have a fun before -- and after the show.

Thank you to my agents, music supervisors and PR crew that came out to support.  Also -- to all my fans that were there singing along and cheering me on.  It was very cool.  Love being able to perform live and love having people I care with around to share it!