New York Lounge - Sundance Film Festival

Chris Accardo performing at New York Lounge
Park City, UT - Sundance Film Festival
Day two at Sundance Film Festival!

So much fun.  Was honored to perform at the New York Lounge -- which is right in the center of all the action here on Main Street.  The small mountain town of Park City basically transforms into all these fun "event" spaces and every spot up and down Main Street is simply packed with people.

Anyway -- the show was a success.  Even had some celebraties in the audience:  Can you see "Creed" from The Office (he actually performed) and even spotted Frodo Baggins.  Sweet!

Again just another acoustic set.  Actually this was so acoustic that you didn't even plug in.  Never done that before (except at my home) -- but it was totally fun!  Only a few songs this time.  Freezing cold outside but the coffee and tea keeps you warm.  And clearly I like my North Face bennie.  Those New Yorkers seemed to be use to this weather :)