Park City Chateau - Sundance Festival

Played one of my favorite shows ever last night!  It was the 2nd annual Koffeehouse Sundance Showcase at the Park City City Chateau.  Wow.  By far the musical highlight of this years festival.

The event is the largest evening of independent music conducted during the festival.  There were over 200 celebrities, musicians, industry executives and passionate music listeners that were in attendance. listed it as one of the top 10 parties during the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.  Katharine Rutt, Field Producer fo the Sundance Festival After Dark series at Park City Television, said this about the Koffeehouse Chateau music event:  "I've been attending the Suandance Film Festival now for 14 years and have attended 100's of events.  The Koffeehouse Chateau event was without question the best live music experience I've attended during all my Sundance years."

Park City TV was there to cover the night.  I'll try and find some video as I was interviewed immediately after my performance.  Special thanks to Chris Ng, Mouse, and Jeremy Koff for including me in this special evening.

Check it out on the news: