My New PR Firm -- Spin PR!

Me and Spin PR Owner Kim Koury playing a little pong!
I'm officially working with Los Angeles based PR firm SPIN!  This amazing firm will be in charge of handling all the publicity and promotion of my shows, events and all things music.

So excited to be working with my good friend Kim Koury.  She's always been a fan of my music and literally knows EVERYTHING that's going on in LA at all times.  Such a hard worker and such a great person to have in your corner.

Check Spin PR Out:

Sync Licensing Deal - Signed!

Just signed a worldwide sync licensing deal with international agent A&G Sync!

A&G is a multifaceted boutique sync agent with offices in London, Los Angeles and New York.  Working in conjunction with their sister company (A&G Songs) -- A&G Sync provides a global presence for sync publishing to all their artists.

Very excited to be on this talented roster of artists and cannot wait to work with this amazing team of hard working music lovers!

Plaza Show

Chris Accardo performs on the Main Stage @ Plaza Music Festival
Performed yesterday on the Main Stage at The Plaza Music Festival.  Special shout out to my good friends from Red Guitar. 

This is the 3rd time I have had the honor of performing on this stage.  The very first VERY first time -- my good buddy and lead guitarist Josh Batz forgot his power chord to his pedals.  Wow! 

We were so nervous at 100,000 people were out doors waiting for us to start our set!  Thanks to my brother Jon -- the day was saved!!  He cruised by my home, ran down to the studio, grab the chord in a chaos of cables and drove straight to the main stage to hand off the chord.  Thanks bro!  You are AMAZING and a life saver!!!

BMI Urban Music Awards

Pantagees Theater
Had front row tickets to the BMI Urban Music Awards!  Event was held at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood and was an absolute blast.

Red carpet was at 5PM and the show/awards began promptly at 6:30.  Hung out at the W Hotel across the street for some cocktails prior to the opening.

Performances were from all the top BMI artists for this year.  Heard tons of number one songs and got to stand front and center for "The Dougy."  Amazing evening.  

Thank you again to good friend and BMI hot shot Phil Jones and to friend and BMI President Barbara Cane and Casey Robinson.  Again -- you guys are too generous!
Hanging out before the show!

The Sunset Strip - GuitarTown Gig

Performing at The Sunset Strip GuitarTown grand re-opening!  Thank you to my good friends at Koffeehouse Music Production and Spin PR for having me out!

Had the chance to play with fellow musicians Josh Smith and Shawn Hlookoff.  Super talented musicians.  Always fun hearing and hanging out with those guys -- especially on such an amazing night.  Thank you to Joe's Pizza :) for all the free pizza (and beer)!

In case you didn't know -- GuitarTown is a public arts project that will feature more than 25 ten-foot tall fiberglass Gibson Les Paul model guitars strategically placed on the legendary Sunset Strip.

Village Studios / Tracking New Song with Ghian Wright

Me and Ghian hanging out in Studio A!
At Village Studios here in Los Angeles working with my good friend and engineer Ghian Wright.  Not only do I get to chill with my friends at The Village -- I get to have Ghian help track / produce a couple new songs.

Ghian has worked on projects for Janet Jackson, Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters and Oasis.  He has also worked on movies such as Across the Universe and Walk the Line.  He's also was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album earlier this year!

Check out Village Studios if you don't already know who they are.  Incredibly cool place with incredibly cool people running it:

Upcoming Show w/Full Band: Thursday, June 3

Get ready for another exciting show!  This gig is presented by BMI, Koffeehouse Music Productions and Spin PR.

I'll be performing with fellow Los Angeles band Red Arrow Messenger and Emily Jaye (Frentik).  Show will be at Harvelle's in Santa Monica.  I'll go on at 9PM with full band.

This show is expected to sell out -- so be sure to print out the attached flyer (for a discount) and get to the venue early.  Harvelle's is located at 1432 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401.  Phone:  310-395-1676.  Tickets are $10 at the door.

Koffeehouse Music Productions, LLC is Los Angeles’ premier, grassroots live music production company, best known for showcasing the most talented emerging singer-songwriters and bands in unique performance spaces.

Check out the full release here:
BMI Release

BMI Pop Music Awards

Taylor Swift & John Fogerty
Beverly Wilshire Ballroom

At the BMI Pop Music Awards tonight! 

Event is being held at the famous Beverly Wilshire Ballroom in the heart of Beverly Hills, CA.  Yes -- that's right -- the same hotel where Julia Roberts stayed at in "Pretty Woman."

Special thank you to my good friend and former BMI Board President -- Phil Jones.  Also thank you to BMI president Barbara Cane and my good friend Casey Robinson for the invitation. 

Tons of celebrity's and rock royalty at this event!!  There were also amazing amazing performances from all the #1 records of the year.  Such a fun evening and so lucky to have been a part of this evenings event.

Movie Trailer: Zac Efron Film

So my agent just called me about a super cool pitch he just made!  Turns out my song "Holding On" is being considered for the upcoming movie Charlie St. Cloud starting Zac Efron.

I'll definitely keep you posted on what happens.  Apparently-- it's down to just a couple songs.  Fingers are crossed.  Would love to see this track placed in a summer hit!

P90X: One-On-One Workouts w/Tony Horton

Was hired to compose music for P90X - Tony Horton's "One-On-One" workouts.  Feeling somewhat "Zen'd" out today as today's cue is for "1-hour of YOGA music."  Alright!

In fact -- my neighbors just texted me and asked if "everything was all right."  HA!  Love my neighbors.  They thought I was getting a bit weird with all the interesting musical instrument choices I'm pulling from my library of tricks and blasting around Santa Monica.

Anyway -- thanks again to Tony and crew for keeping a musician busy with what they love doing -- composing music!

P90X / QVC Informercials

Just signed a contract with QVC and who are licensing original music for Tony Horton's upcoming P90X / QVC appearances.

Tony Horton is the creator of the P90X Extreme Home Fitness video series.  This series has sold nearly 4-million copies world wide!  If you haven't tried it out -- give it a shot.

Honored to be working with such great people on such a amazing product!!

ABC: One Life To Live

So one of my recent ABC cue's -- "Almost Home" -- has just been picked up by the networks hit daytime drama:  One Life To Live!

The hope is that this cue continues to get placed in the show.  Regardless -- it's very exciting to see all the hard work pay off.

Thanks again to my good friends who helped me track and record this very fun song.  Always a blast collaborating and recording music together!

MTV's "The Hills" & "The City"

Just signed my licensing agreement with MTV!  Beyond psyched.  License was for their two shows "The Hills" and "The City."

My track "California" is to be used for sure -- and maybe more.  Thank you to my amazing agent and good friend and editor Jon Blando for making the introduction to the producers of the show.

I'll continue to keep everyone posted!!  If this doesn't inspire me to continue writing new songs every day -- nothing will.

Disney / ABC's Music Department

Signed today (officially) as a songwriter / composer for Disney / ABC's Music Departments!  So excited I can't even tell you.  Such an honor to even be considered!  

I have a couple cue's already lined up and will start immediately.  Thank you to my good friends Mark Pedowitz over @ABC for introducing me to the ABC family -- and thank you to everyone over at BMI.  You guys are amazing.  This is a huge opportunity and I'm beyond excited to be a part of the Disney / ABC family.

Opening For David Cook!

Honored to be back in my hometown of Kansas City tonight opening for American Idol Winner -- David Cook!

There are literally 250,000 people here -- including friends and family who have traveled from far to come see me perform.  Show is also being broadcast regionally to 100,000's more!  

This is the highlight of my music career and a very, very, very special night.  Each year -- Kansas City has this amazing tradition on Thanksgiving Day -- a HUGE lighting ceremony at the famed and beautiful Country Club Plaza.  

Such an honor to have been asked to perform.  I have literally had to tape the first line of each song I'm playing on the back of my guitar so I don't forget the lyrics (once I get the first line out -- I'm okay -- HA!)  Special night!